2017 Portola Road Resurfacing Project

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Notice of Street Resurfacing June 12 – July 31, 2017

The Town of Portola Valley will be performing street resurfacing on portions of the below listed streets. This project will consist of applying surface seals to the road surface. Work is scheduled to take place between June 12 and July 31, 2017, weather permitting.  The repairs will include grinding worn areas, crack sealing, a surface seal treatment, and repainting traffic markings.

Traffic will have limited access through these streets during the street resurfacing process. Traffic controls within the construction area will be in place. Normal construction hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Two days prior to construction, “No Parking” and “Tow-away” signs will be posted with the effective time and date.  Roads will be reopened to full traffic and parking at the end of each working day; however, during the construction period, loose gravel and an uneven pavement surface will result from removing the surface asphalt.  For the entire project, we estimate it will take 2 weeks to repair damaged pavement sections, 1 week to remove traffic striping, 1 week to apply surface seals, and 1 week to repaint traffic markings. To maintain competitive prices, the contractor, G. Bortolotto & Co., Inc. is allowed to schedule the work in a cost effective manner which may result in a time lag between repair, required curing times, and resurfacing.


1 Portola Road Woodside Town Limits 900 Portola Road (Before Village Square) Slurry Seal
2 Portola Road Willowbrook Drive Portola Green Cir Slurry Seal



* The final coat requires 4-5 hours of cure time weather permitting before touching. Please plan travel and schedule arrangements accordingly.  

* Door hangers will be passed out as a reminder 48 hours in advance 

* Pot hole/base repairs will be performed in advance of the surface seal. Expect minor traffic delays.

* In the surface seal process, there can be material cure times of up to 1 week between the asphalt repair process and the application of the surface seal top coat.

Note: The contractor will be hand delivering printed notices to residents 2 days in advance indicating the exact date your street is scheduled for the surface seal treatment phase which may affect access until the surface has cured and dried enough to allow traffic.  Please do not water or drive on surfaces until dried, it will affect the final look of the product and track onto surfaces. The garbage company and postal service will also be notified to make arrangements. 

We are aware that there will be residents who will be inconvenienced by the street resurfacing work and we ask for your cooperation and understanding. These improvements will result in an improved street that will serve the area for many years. 

G. Bortolotto & Co., Inc. (650-595-2591)
On-Site Public Works Inspector: Kent Edwards (831-332-5702)
Public Works Director: 
   Howard Young, (650-851-1700 x214)