Energy Upgrade Portola Valley

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START HERE:To find out Portola Valley's per household energy use, click here.
Step 1: Take this Quiz
Step 2: Schedule a Home Energy Assessment
Step 3: Empower Your Home!

If you want to better understand you home - and who wouldn't want to know everything about their biggest investment? - a home energy assessment is the place to start. Through a home energy assessment, you’ll get a comprehensive view of how much energy your home consumes, and learn what measures you can take to dramatically decrease that amount.

STEP 2: Schedule a Home Energy Assessment and a Water Use Assessment.

If you want to learn more about your home’s energy health, an Energy Upgrade California-qualifiedEnergy Upgrade California Logo contractor will come to your home and ask you some questions about your concerns. Then he or she will perform a series of tests to determine how much air your house leaks, inspecting the building envelope for points of infiltration and gaps in insulation. After the assessment, the contractor will write up a report and recommend a whole slate of improvements, highlighting those that will reduce the most energy waste.

To make this process easier for you, the Town has partnered with interested Energy Upgrade California-qualified contractors who have agreed to include a standard set of services when performing a home energy assessment in Portola Valley. The list of participating contractors is included below.** We have included some tips below on how to select a contractor and we also recommend asking for local references.*

You can find out more about the home energy upgrade packages, limited-time rebates and financing options on San Mateo County's website.

If you want to lower your water bills, a FREE Residential Water Use Survey from Cal Water will do the trick. This program is available to Cal Water customers living in single-family residences. On the day of your appointment, a trained water conservation specialist from WaterWise will come to your home to evaluate your indoor and outdoor water use. In addition to surveying your water use, your surveyor will provide information about how to read your meter, request water-efficient plumbing fixtures, take advantage of available rebates, and more. Contact WaterWise at (866) 685-2322 to confirm your eligibility and schedule a date and time for your survey.

STEP 3: EMPOWER your home! The home energy assessment will identify numerous ways to reduce energy and water waste through:

  • Smart power strips and timers
  • Sealing and insulation
  • Energy-efficient heating and air conditioning
  • Energy-efficient windows
  • High-efficiency water heaters
  • Water-saving devices such as low-flow showerheads and toilets
  • Sustainable landscaping/lawn conversions
  • Self-adjusting irrigation controllers

Then it’s time to complete the recommended home energy upgrades and enjoy your new and improved empowered home! If you would like more information about Energy Upgrade Portola Valley, or have any questions, please contact Brandi de Garmeaux, the Town's Sustainability and Resource Efficiency Coordinator at 650.851.1700 x222 or

*Before hiring any contractor, residents are urged to visit the Contractors State License Board (CLSB) website for information on what you should do to protect yourself when hiring a contractor. The CSLB protects consumers by licensing and regulating the construction industry, and offers educational information about selecting a contractor, such as verifying that the contractor is properly licensed, obtaining several bids for any planned work, and executing a contract in writing that specifies the work to be performed, service or products to be provided, and an itemized schedule of costs.

**Disclaimer: The Town of Portola Valley does not recommend any of the companies/organizations listed on this page; the listings are provided only as a resource for residents. Please ask each company for references when you do your research. Neither the Energy Upgrade California program, the participating utilities nor any other public or private party associated with the Energy Upgrade program, including but not limited to the State of California or the California Energy Commission, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, or San Diego Gas & Electric Company is: (a) endorsing, recommending or referring any specific contractor, (b) making any representation or warranty regarding the qualifications, licensing, products, or workmanship of any contractor, (c) making any warranty regarding the contractor’s work or products purchased from contractors provided, or (d) accepting any liability that may be alleged to arise from the work of any listed contractor on a customer project or from any reliance on any claims, statements or other descriptions regarding a contractor’s certifications, licenses, qualifications or products.  Such claims, statements and other descriptions are made solely by the contractor.