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Election Information

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The next regularly-scheduled municipal election will be held on November 6, 2018. The election will include three Town Council seats; Craig Hughes, Maryann Derwin and John Richards.

Portola Valley Elections
Portola Valley has five elected officials. Town Council members, each serving four-year terms with elections held in November as needed in even-numbered years. At the end of each calendar year, the mayor is appointed by the Council from among its members.

Am I registered to vote?
Click here to see if you are currently registered to vote.

I need to register to vote.
Click here to register to vote on-line. The provided link will take you to the Secretary of State website. Scroll down the page to the prompt that states “Register to Vote Now.” You must provide your California Drivers License number and/or the last four digits of your social security number to apply on-line.

You can pick up a voter registration form at Town Hall, public libraries, county offices, post offices and the Department of Motor Vehicles. You may also call the Elections Office at (650) 312-5222 and they will mail you a form.

How do I vote by mail?
To become a permanent Vote by Mail voter, print, complete, sign and mail back the permanent Vote by Mail application. The return instructions are at the bottom of the application form.

If you send a letter requesting to be permanently registered to Vote by Mail, you must include the following information: your full name, residence address (in San Mateo County), mailing address where you want your ballot sent (if different from your residence address), the name and date of the election, and your signature.

Applications to Vote by Mail must be received by the San Mateo County Registration & Elections Division, at 40 Tower Road, San Mateo, seven days prior to the election.

Early Voting Options Available for Voters with Disabilities
The San Mateo County Registration & Elections Division wants to be sure that registered San Mateo County voters with disabilities are aware of the various options available to help them vote during the 29-day period leading up to each election, including the November 8, 2016 Presidential General Election. During this early voting period, registered voters with disabilities may participate in the standard Vote by Mail program, which allows voters to receive a ballot by mail and return that ballot by mail or in person.

In addition, registered voters with disabilities have three other options:
1) You may request to have a Vote by Mail ballot personally delivered to your home.
2) You may request that Elections Division staff bring an accessible version of the County’s electronic voting machine to a
    convenient location such as your home for the voter to cast an electronic ballot privately and independently.
3) You may request that the Elections Division staff arrange free transportation to and from a Voting Center
    during the early voting period, where the County’s accessible electronic voting machine may be used by the voter. 

Go green and get your future voter pamphlets online!

Helpful Websites

Shape the Future is the official election site for the County of San Mateo. The Shape the Future site includes a wide variety of helpful information on upcoming elections. You can also check your registration, confirm your registration status, find your polling place, track and confirm your ballot and request a vote by mail ballot.

Voter Registration In addition to registering to vote via this website, you can also pick up voter registration forms at Town Hall.

Fair Political Practices Commission

League of Women Voters

California Election Code

Please visit our Important Contact Information page for current information on Portola Valley's elected district and state representatives.

Should you have questions or require additional information, please contact Sharon Hanlon, Town Clerk at and/or (650) 851-1700 ext. 210.